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Using VFX to enhance production


Lewis Hamilton's first victory Petronas Merc is up for auction, and we played a magical role in the promotional media accompanying this grand event.

"The 2013 Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 W04 is not just any car, it is the very machine that delivered Lewis Hamilton’s inaugural victory for Mercedes in his first year in the seat and, perhaps more significantly, signaled the onset of a groundbreaking era that would dominate the sport for years to come and propel Hamilton to true legend status."


Client: RM Sotheby's

Production House: Petroleum & Co.

VFX House: Cebiso M Studio


Cebiso M Studio (VFX House):

Production Manager: Ajira Bouchada

Creative Lead, VFX Supe: Cebiso Mhlanga

Animator: Liberty Chinamora

Animator: Tavonga Shumbanhete

Petroleum & Co. (Production House):

Colour: @_nicknixon


imagine whatever.

Unit D

Broadways Farm

Drayton Parslow

Milton Keynes, MK17 0JZ

United Kingdom

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